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Online Users Hello there! And welcome to my blog you can call me Star or Glow or Starglow. I blog about lot of stuff so make sure to check out my 'About' page to see all my interests and what i blog! Everything under the tag doodle is my art Hope you enjoy your stay!
OOC: Just a quick question from an artist how to you make the lines around...lets say the light blue lines around you Kill La Kill 'gonna protect girlfriend' picture?


use the select tool,then select the ‘fuzzy’ transparency to the max. 

then click on what you desire to outline. 

then make a new layer down that one, select the bucket and fill in the selected space. 

when you unselect you’ll have this 

see? it has the blue outline, that’s how i do it. uvu 

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Adventures in printing Part 2. It’s really long because there’s no easy way to explain these things. Today we look at some printing terms and how to size your files for print! Part 1 (Colourspace) here, and Part 3 (Making InDesign PDFs) here.

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I am not sure what Blur effect he meant.
Sorry for useless big images but I was lazy.

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Pattern Set #04

To download: right click on a pattern, then Save Image As.

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Sai watercolor tutorial

Because some people asked me to make one… Sorry for the bad quality and handwriting, I’m too lazy to type :P And sorry for my bad English :’D

Also you can download original but reduced Sai file here

If you have any other questions, feel free to write to me:

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Hey! Your art is just amazing and it inspires me so much, but what stands out to me the most is the hair. Do you have any tips for painting it?


ah thanks! i always liked the way i did hair too tbh heh;; i was asked to make a tutorial eariler this year but i never found the time to do it but i guess ill do it here OTL

1) sketch! 


as you may know early in the morning, hair is very flimsy and uncooperative! even straight hair isnt going to be perfectly straight. there will be loose ends and parts that stick out. hair is not one block!


2) painting! for the way i paint you might want to see my colouring walkthrough coz i wont explain in detail about it.


fringes and hair that is against the face would tend to be more transparent/lighter than the thickness of the hair in over places of the scalp.

3) shade!image

colours are all on the same layer to allow for colours to blend over smoothly. for certain parts of the hair such as a the fringe/block areas i liked to use this brush


it gives a nice streaky texture. dont use too much/only this brush though! then it looks tacky :T. you want different widths in colour/lines.

4) overlay colour to brighten and darken! refer to the other tutorial!


5) merge and paint!



i added the glow coz it would have related to the colour of her eyes

the ends of the hair are more streaky and loose while the roots can bee more blocky and less detailed

theres a bit of blue glow that appears on my fringe  from her eyes which i sometimes like to add. this is obviously a stylistic choice coz aint no eyes that glowy enough for that to happen LOL

streaky, flimsy, loose hair makes things look more realistic. you dont want things that are ugly like this

…which happens to be my first attempt at painting LOL

you dont always have to do a lot of hair details though. esp if say… the face isnt the main subject in the painting. short hair can tend to bypass all that flimsiness i suppose??? @@

flimsy long hairrrr. when theres more hair its less easy to sidestep it looking weird if its one big chuck e__e

in the end everything still depends on your own personal style though!! if your style gives things a lot of detail, everything tends to have to follow through or itll look awkward.

6) finISH HIM IT

woot! i hope that was vaguely helpful!!!

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Hey guys! So a lot of people have been asking me how I do pixels and instead of repeating myself 30000000 times I decided to make a tutorial!

I really hope it makes sense, because I’m really bad at explaining things and I super-de-duper hope ‘s useful to you guys! Oh man if you make a pixel following this tutorial you should show me *//u//*

If you have any questions, just shoot me an ask!

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A BUNCH OF PEOPLE askd how i color hair/skin/clothes but I REALLY DON’T KNOW HOW TO EXPLAIN IT SOBS I GUESS icould do a step by step if u guys want idk i

Color wise i honestly just do it randomly tturns AWAY BUT YEAH I NOTICED I STICK wiith purple-blues alot expecially for shadows!! i’m sorry i don’t know wat to say omg

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Could I maybe request a tutorial or step-by-step of how you create those stunning gifs? :'3 they are so amazing


Sure!!! but is a really long post I hope you don’t mind D:

(BTW thanks (‘: you’re so sweet)

OK! first of all i work with vectors but i’m pretty sure you can do it in photoshop or any other program you like

The programs I use are: Adobe Illustrator,Flash and Photoshop

First I open my file in Ai ( this is my way D: not sure if is the correct one cutie)


I select the background of the file I wanna animate and translate it to flash , try to work with the regular standars of gifs on tumblr because if is too big tumblr won’t accept it


When you have ALL selected and on a layer you need to click on make motion tween this make the animation smooth


Make the timing a little long so you can play with the animation


When you have all selected and in the right layer click on free transform and start to animated (I normally start in the middle it looks more smooth)



Click cmd + enter or CTRL + enter to check out how the animation is going , in your flash is gonna appear a .swf file


Add a new layer and block the background so it won’t mix with the other parts of the animation


And start to do the same you did in the background check out in the timeline and in the swf file how is it going


Tiny details make the animation more “alive”



When you think your animation is right go to file+export+export movie , this would make a quicktime file .mov


Open it on Photoshop in “animation” settings so you can see a timeline , in this timeline you can check out more smoothly the file


When you are happy with the results go to file+save for web and devices AND you select gif and this is very very important save it on FOREVER


And is done 8D congrats!! you make your gif! O:


((so much steeps SORRY!!! D’:)) there’s a way in flash to make it gif but it looks really bad quality :T

I hope this help!!! <3

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Waaaah, how are you doing all those neat texture looking things on your pictures, aaaaah


I got a bunch of asks about the 3D effect and texture! Im really bad at tutorials and I know there are alot of 3D effect tutorials out there but I will try my hardiest please forgive me if this is really bad haaaaaa
+ in photoshop open your image
+ duplicate the layer! dubble click on the new layer to get this box to show up
+ on blending options click “blend interior effects as group” and then unclick B and G to get a pretty blue color shown in the box on the side [you can click and unclick R G and B to make different colors but I like the blue color~]
+ then edit -> free transform! and move it a bit to the right [or left or up or down ]
you get a cool 3D effect!

+ then go back to the first original layer and duplicate it again!
+Filter -> Pixelate-> color halftone!
image + for Max. radius I usually just put in a number from 4-10! play around with it until you get a dot size you like!
+ put the layer on multiply
+ Bring down the opacity
I erase the dots around the skin so only the shadowed areas will have dots on it!
+ then I sharpen the image Filter -> sharpen -> unsharp mask
+ then your donee! you can edit it with like filters and stuff after but this effect is over yea!!

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Aida showed me this cool trick a while ago and its turned into a HUGE staple with how I light things now! Gradient Mapping in photoshop is a subtle way to change the colors in your work and works just like a photoshop mask layer! Meaning, you can change the transparency and how much of what part gets the color influence. 

Gradients are also 100% customizable but photoshop is programmed with a few core staples for dramatic and vibrant lighting. The key is finding the saturation you want or like for the art you’re working with! I cant really teach that. 8D

hope this helps others! Play with your lighting!

This is as close as you’ll get to a tutorial by me, a tutorial by someone else about a thing I showed them!

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um i hope this kinds helps??

the only thing i have to say is using contrasting colors can often make it look more interesting (??)

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Much like my leaf tutorial this is another crazy simple guide but it might help a few of you! I love to get a lot of thumbnail type ideas down first before I settle on something final so I like to use this quick method as a way of exploration, basic research into what I’m trying to achieve and a means of creating variety in my work (I hope!) On the flip-side I know a lot of people struggle with creating environments in general, this could be a good way to ease yourself into drawing them without getting too bogged down in details and technicalities, just blasting your ideas down onto a canvas!

i needed this

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